Creating opportunities. Changing Lives.

Our Vision

We are creating economic opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are a community; one that learns, assesses, and grows. We develop and showcase ability.

Geography, background, or education - there should be no barriers. We help realise the potential of others.

Our Quest

Tunaweza is unique. We help people develop their skills, and turn latent talent into opportunity. We show employers where to find the talent they need, and help individuals show the world what they can do. We do this within a single community. As we grow, so will the opportunities we provide.

The difference between surviving and thriving can be slight, and communities are at the heart of it. Meeting basic needs can propel individuals and their communities forward. The United Nations seek to create a global ‘freedom from want’. Tunaweza supports the Sustainable Development Goals focussed on economic opportunity. We truly believe that along with access to food, healthcare and basic education, opportunities for talent to thrive can make a real difference.

Our Impact

Change is possible. And change starts with people. We enable that change, and help create the opportunities that make it endure.