Africa's Learning Network


Tunaweza is a social network for the next generation of African leaders, showcasing talent, creating economic opportunities, linking employers and members, and encouraging and rewarding sharing, learning, and mentoring.

The Last Half Mile

Despite an outstanding academic infrastructure in Kenya, the sheer magnitude of the youth bulge (80% of Africa’s population below the age 35), has resulted in growing unemployment in the young people across the region. There just aren’t enough entry level jobs to support the graduating population and there is a general lack of capacity of employers looking to hire entry level workers. Referred to as “the last half mile”, the gap between where academia leaves off and the workplace starts has for too long been overlooked. Tunaweza has been built to bridge that gap.


Tunaweza is freely available to anybody who wants to better prepare themselves for the workplace. We connect people with jobs through social learning while participating members gain new skills and interface with others on our network.

Social Learning

Tunaweza uses online learning techniques that are at the forefront of today’s educational thinking. Using an immersive virtual training environment that encourages individuals to support each other through mentorship and peer assessment.


Tunaweza creates a culture where all participants compete on a level playing field and the most committed, the original thinkers and the best emerge and are spotlighted throughout the platform.


Learning material inspired through partnership with enterprises and built by our Tunaweza media and educational experts. Material tailored to specific roles that Enterprises are looking for, in order to source and train the perfect candidates for today’s market.