About us

Our vibrant team has a strong belief in the potential of Africa. Tunaweza was born from that understanding to help Africans fulfil their true potential.

We have invested significant resources working with and learning from young people across Africa to tailor a solution that works. Tunaweza is a social network of mentors, employers and learners- freely available to anyone who wants to better prepare themselves for the workplace or become an entrepreneur.

Tunaweza is a mobile social media learning platform for members to share useful workplace knowledge and experiences with each other. We encourage individuals to support each other through mentorship and peer assessment to not only help them grow but also help them build the bridges to help their communities as well.

The Tunaweza Team

Carolyne Chege

Operation lead Read More..

Florah Muthomi

Finance Manager Read More..


Engagement Coordinator Read More..

Griffin Muteti

Software Developer Read More..

Stella Sikhila

Software Developer Read More..



Having dreamt of working in the finance field all her life. This is a dream come true for Florah. Equipped with a degree in Actuarial Science and a CPA K, she is already taking up her finance role at Tunaweza with a lot of enthusiasm. Florah enjoys listening to any type of music and at home you will find her trying to do DIY projects and trying out new recipes.



Beatrice has engaged in sales and various client facing for over 10 years. She is the engagement coordinator for Tunaweza. She's good with people.... but very bad with her potted plants. They die.



Griffin is a Bsc Computer Science degree holder from Kenyatta University. He has over four years experience in software development. With expertise in the development of seamless front end functionality interfaces and modules. He prides himself in the creation of professional highly usable and standards - compliant online experiences.

Jimmy Aduvaga


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Stella is a graduate from Kenyatta University with a degree in computer science. She is a full-stack software developer at Tunaweza Kenya.She is also a superstar player in the Kenya Rollball National Team. She is a World Cup silver medalist having represented her Mother Country Kenya at the 2017 Rollball World Cup held in Dhaka Bangladesh.