Everyone talks about “investing in the future”.

We work hard to set aside resources so that we can live a comfortable life even when we finally retire from the daily grind.

We put effort into learning new technologies to keep up with this rapidly evolving world. We have embraced the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, etc…

Connectivity is not a “nice to have”, it has become a part of the status quo.

We invest in all of these things, thinking that the developments we see today is our future.

And we are not wrong.

These are all relevant.

These things are a part of our future.

But no matter how comfortable we set ourselves up to be, or how much intelligence machines can attain, or how hopelessly reliant we become upon technology, the most valuable resource that we should all have an investment for our shared future is already in our present: our future leaders.

Consider the implications — by 2035, the youth population in Sub-Saharan Africa alone will outnumber the youth of the entire world combined. This upcoming generation will lead tomorrow’s world and inevitably redefine the landscape of industries, society, and culture. So, really think about it: what kind of world would you want to see in 2050?

By helping transform the skillsets, values, and culture of the youth today, we are directly influencing the leaders of tomorrow.

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