Learning Experience Guideline

  1. Keep your writing concise - say what you need to say without too many extra words. There are so many other LEs so make sure yours isn't overwhelming or intimidating! We find that 1500 words seem to be a magic number when it comes to LEs. Some might be longer, some might be shorter but if you find yourself above 1500 words it might be time to start breaking your work into multiple chapters.

  2. Make sure that you tell the story from your own personal experience. We aren’t looking for random information anyone can find on the internet; the Tunaweza difference is truly personal and unique experiences shared amongst our community for the benefit of all.

  3. Always keep your audience in mind. Who is this LE geared towards? It's important to keep content as accessible as possible. You might have the greatest and most informative Learning Experience in the world but if no one can understand it then it won't be very popular.

  4. Make sure you keep your Learning Experiences open and flexible. Remember that we are a social mentoring community - we build and grow off of our interactions with one another. You might have a set method of doing something but you may find another user on the platform who does something similar and who may have found a more clever way to tackle your LE subject. We want you to learn from each other and help each other. That is the true essence of Tunaweza.

  5. Stay positive! Tunaweza is a safe community where we nurture one another. This holds true for all aspects of the platform from LEs to user interaction. Reviews, comments, and feedback are important but need to be fair and constructive. 

  6. The best LEs are written from your heart, but the knowledge comes from your head! If you can master this balance between showcasing an intimate look at your LE subject matter with an in depth offering of the technical side of things you will have popular and informative LEs all of the community will be eager to read.

  7. Have fun! The most important part of the platform is to enjoy yourself while you're doing this. Tunaweza isn't some boring online course or extra school assignment. It's an engaging community of friends and neighbors helping each other better their lives and improve their careers. Are you ready to join? Become a Tunawezan today!